Entech Energiteknik AB


We represent some of the industry's leading suppliers

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By representing the world renowned German furnace producer ThermConcept we can, within Scandinavia, supply a wide assortment of standardised high temperature furnaces and furnaces for industrial applications.

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We have furthermore an ongoing cooperation with EPSI which completes our range of products with isostatic presses. Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP) for ceramic or metallic powders and Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) to improve properties of sintered materials.



By representing the German company Kerfa a wide range of standard and customized modules elements as well as insulation panels is ensured.

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Zircar Ceramics

We are also working together with Zircar Ceramics Inc., a company delivering high technology fibre insulation materials. These products are used for space shuttles, but also in our rapid high temperature furnaces.